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No, he asked the DOJ to investigate Pennsylvania claims and declare the results corrupt if the claims were confirmed.

According to handwritten notes from then acting US Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, President Trump insisted the DOJ declare the 2020 election “corrupt” and he and his allies in Congress would take care of the rest.

Who Pushed the Fake News?
The New York Times, yet again, in an article published on July 20, 2021. See here:

The NYT claimed in the article that President Trump “pressed top” DOJ officials to “declare that the election was corrupt” even though they found no evidence of it. The article claimed the demands “were an extraordinary instance of a president interfering with an agency that is typically more independent from the White House . . .”

The article outlines the exchange occurred during a phone call on December 27, 2020, between President Trump, then acting US Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his Deputy, Richard P. Donoghue. The NYT claimed when the Deputy US Attorney stated the DOJ had no power to change the outcome, President Trump said to “Just say the election was corrupt” and “leave the rest to me.” See here.

On the December 27, 2021, phone call between President Trump and the Acting US Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, President Trump asked the DOJ officials to investigate the claims that more people voted in Pennsylvania in the 2020 Presidential Election and, if they confirmed that to be true to let him know. The Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue assured the President they would investigate, but noted if they found such an outright case of fraud occurred the DOJ would not be able to “snap its fingers” and change the outcome of the election. In response, President Trump said he did not expect them to do that, but to simply confirm the election was corrupt and he would take it from there.
A solid refutation of the misleading New York Times article was published by The Federalist on August 2, 2021:

The Federalist article provides a link to the entirety of the notes taken by Deputy Attorney General Donoghue of that phone call. The notes provide an outline of the conversation and clearly confirm the DOJ officers assured President Trump they would determine “whether there were more ballots in Pennsylvania than registered voters.” (According to the notes, President Trump was told there 5.25 million votes cast in Pennsylvania, but only 5 million registered voters.)

The handwritten notes indicate that would be “clear fraud” and that the DOJ should be able to “check that out quickly,” but the notes also reflect the Deputy Attorney General indicated the President must “understand that the DOJ can’t & won’t snap its fingers & change the outcome of the election.”

In response to this statement, the notes reflect President Trump said he did not “expect you do that,” but rather in the event the fraud in PA were confirmed, to “just say that the election was corrupt & leave the rest to me and the R Congressmen.” See here.

President Trump asked the top lawyers at the United States Department of Justice to investigate and determine if they could confirm the particular claim about Pennsylvania. That is what any person in the President’s position would do. Then, when they told him they would do exactly that, but even if they confirmed this level of clear fraud, they would not be able to “snap their fingers” and change the outcome, the President said he understood that. If they confirmed the fraud he asked them to publicly state as much and he and his allies in Congress would handle the rest.

What President Trump asked the DOJ to do is what anyone at the United States Department of Justice would do on their own if they confirmed that more voters cast ballots in Pennsylvania than there were actual registered voters and that is to state that fact publicly.

Contrary to the misrepresentations of The New York Times, President Trump did not ask the top lawyers at the DOJ to make up or fabricate anything. He did not ask them to lie. He asked them to investigate and confirm the claims and THEN, if the claims were confirmed, to publicly state as much and he would handle the politics. What in the world is wrong with that? Nothing at all.

Commentary: The New York Times is the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of Fake News peddlers. This is just another illustration of it. What is even more troubling about all of this than the lies pushed by The New York Times? These notes from top lawyers at the United States Department of Justice about their private phone calls with a sitting President of the United States are privileged and not ordinarily subject to being publicly produced. The privilege is known as executive privilege and protects the communications between the President and various different advisors and counselors.

You may ask, how then did these notes get released publicly? The Biden regime believes it has the power to waive the executive privilege of a former president. They produced these documents to a Congressional Committee, despite the clear and unmistakable application of executive privilege. The Biden regime claims a sitting president has the authority to waive a prior president’s claim of executive privilege. There are serious questions about the accuracy of that contention. See Trump v. Thompson, 142 S. Ct. 680 (2022)(Kavanaugh, J., respecting denial of application for stay). This issue was also addressed by the Federal District Court when it granted former President Trump’s application for a special master after the unprecedented raid on Mar-a-lago earlier this year (2022). See here (pgs. 16, 17 & 18).

Of course, the leftist radicals in charge of the Biden regime do not care about the proper resolution of those issues. They just release the material subject to privilege because once the cat is out of the bag there is no way to put it back in.

I am working on another book series about the endless efforts of the Democrats and their lackeys in the press to undermine America. From undermining the electoral college by encouraging faithless electors, to weaponizing the IRS against political opponents, to weaponizing the FBI, DOJ and intelligence agencies against political opponents, to hamstringing the ability of a president to govern through leaks and fabrications, to undermining future presidents by gutting executive privilege, by threatening justices of the United States Supreme Court, to actively attempting to pack the Supreme Court with more justices, (just to name a handful of their efforts) the Democrats and their acolytes in the Fake News Media pulled out all of the stops in recent years to undermine this Country, the Rule of Law, the Constitution and our founding principles.

If The New York Times were not such a leftist Fake News rag it would report on, criticize and challenge these efforts, rather than cheering the Biden regime on and spreading misinformation to cover for the Democrat Party. At least now you know.


Daniel R. Street Monroe, Louisiana